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List Of Recommended Web Site Resources

By Todd Kozinka

Here are a few really valuable links which we have researched and feel will help you on your quest to learn as much about getting kids moving, getting them healthy and getting them happy!


My Function Method 

MyFUNctionMethod.com will help you understand the neuroscience of play with a focus on direct practical application and understanding what makes kids "tick". Additionally, signing up for MyFunctionMethod.com will help you build other skills that true change agents need: becoming an advocate for play, learning to partner with institutions, involving families in play experiences, and much more!

Nourish Interactive

Nourish Interactive is your free one stop resource for fun nutrition games for kids, interactive nutrition tools and tips for parents and health educators to use to promote healthy living for the whole family. Created by nutrition and health care professionals, Nourish Interactive's nutrition education website gives children and families the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy choices.

Super Kids Nutrition Blog

Our mission is to provide quick, easy suggestions and resources to help you grow healthy kids, families and communities. Our blog posts are reliable, up-to-date and based on research you can trust. Our Founder and creator of SuperKids Nutrition and the Super Crew, goal is to “save the world on healthy food at a timeā„¢”.

Active Healthy Kids  active healthy kids

This site is one of our favourites. If you want to learn about how to keep your kids active and healthy there is lots of information here.

Island Sports News

Island Sports News Network is Canada's largest amateur sports website - and we're growing.  We report daily on events such as hockey, baseball, rugby, soccer, lacrosse, universities, colleges and high school fixtures.

Physical Fitness Resources for Kids

Many kids already know about staying healthy by eating good foods, but did you know that physical fitness is another way to stay in shape and ward off illnesses? I know what you’re thinking. What exactly counts as physical fitness? Physical fitness includes any activities you do that increase your heartbeat and breathing rate, works out your muscles, and burns some amount of energy in the process.


We like this site because it has the same message as we are trying to get across. They have good information on moving, eating and learning.  Some fun, interactive games for kids too but lets keep that to a minimum ;-) because we want to get kids moving first.  Parents will love this site.

Canada Public Health Agency

There are some very good links on this page plus you can find Canada Physical Activity Guides for Children and Youth. Very informative and highly recommended.

National Institute For Play 

national institute for play

We love this site.  Again this is what we are all about.  We want to get kids moving and playing.  Play is fun.  Kids want to have fun.  Adults want to have fun.  Lets all have more fun by playing and moving together.  Their site talks about Play + Science=Transformation. We could not agree more.


The Exuberant Animal

  exuberant animal 2

OK.  This is a very interesting word.  What does it mean?  I will let you figure that out. The site however is awesome.  Based out of Seattle, Washington these guys have a mission to get people active and moving using games and play.  Sound familiar?  They have a health philosophy that promotes performance, vitality and physical happiness.

Dr. Kwame Brown's Blog

Dr. Brown is a man who is Executive Director of the IYCA and who has a passion for helping kids be their best.  If you go to his blog you can read some very well written articles youth fitness, youth obesity, play, movement, youth sports and child development.  Dr. Brown is an expert.  I will be meeting him in February 2009 in Louisville, Kentucky at the IYCA International Youth Fitness Summit.

Coaching School.org 

coaching school.org

I really love this site.  If you have ever coached kids in sports or if you ever embark on that journey you must visit this website.  There is just so much free information on youth sports, youth fitness, coaching kids and more. There are great videos and you can even join coaching classes and become a certified coach. 





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