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Over 30% of United States and Canadian Children Considered Clinically Overweight or Obese

Local Statistics Show the Need for Dramatic and Immediate Solutions

March 18, 2008 – According to the American Obesity Association, more than 30% of United States and Canadian children, youths and adolescents are currently overweight or obese.

Over the past three decades, the rate of childhood obesity has doubled while the incident of obesity in teenagers has tripled.

It is estimated that more than 9 million children under the age of 18, or 1 in 5  kids, are currently overweight.

The America Obesity Association also reports that the childhood overweight concern is the most common nutritional disorder effecting U.S. based children and adolescents and one of the most prevalent problems seen by pediatricians.

According to the Consortium to Lower Obesity in Chicago Children, communities spanning from predominately African-America, Hispanic and White children are experiencing obesity rates ranging from 24 – 40%.

The International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA), and "Youth in Fitness" has begun providing solutions for local children and parents to help curb the rise of this national trend.

"Youth in Fitness", founded and located in Sooke, British Columbia, will be providing area families with education and a solution-oriented approach to physical fitness and nutrition.

Throughout 2009, all Victoria, B.C. and suburbs area families are invited to complementary information nights at various locations throughout the Lower Vancouver Island area.

Presenting will be "Youth in Fitness" founder Todd Kozinka.happy kid smiling

To contact Todd for more information please call him at (250) 516-9465 or e-mail to

There will be no costs for these events, but space is limited.







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