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  • Childhood Obesity News Release
    A recent new release on the huge problem of Childhood Obesity. Solutions are possible and we are working on that daily.

How Obesity Harms a Child's Body:
Good story from the Washington Post. Please read this if you are a parent.


The following is one of our posts on our New Blog.  You can go to our blog here:


My friend Todd Dattoli who is also a certified Youth Fitness Specialist posted this video on his blog. Thanks Todd for sharing.

The video is about obesity. That word makes me sick. I do not like to hear it and I especially do not want to hear about an obese child. But guess what? There are obese kids out there. Does that make you sick? It should.

What we are trying to do at Youth in Fitness is make a difference to kids. Parents know how tough it is to make sure their kids eats right, that he or she gets some exercise and that their kids don’t watch too much TV or play on those video games for 8 hours straight. Ultimately it is the parents who do make the difference in the lives of their kids. No excuses.

In essence then our job is to help educate the parents about what to do and to also provide outstanding programs and services for their children. The IYCA and Youth in Fitness is 100% dedicated to making this a reality and to making a difference if the lives of 1 kid at a time.

Please choose to be a part of molding the future of your children in a positive way. We are with you all the way.

We welcome your comments and questions.


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